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Fleet Explorer

Browse, Compare, Buy!

Do you need to know where to look for Fleets in the UK? Do you sell to Fleet users and need to know the opportunity in your area?

Engage are proud to announce our new Fleet Explorer portal


Find your ideal market, size it and then buy it, online over the internet


Select from 10 different dimensions of data

Upload your own data to perform analysis

Search around the UK and drill into geography

Research companies individually in the AOI

Choose and download your targets

Powered by cleansed data from Engage's Fleet Universe DatabaseFleet Explorer provides a bespoke Business Intelligence mapping solution. At the click of a button, you can compare customers with prospects to analyse product penetration, along with any geographical restrictions and preferred market parameters.


This is a free online tool that allows access to the UK Fleet market 24/7.

Obviously we can't give Fleet-Explorer to just anyone, so please fill out the registration form below and our Product Manager will be in touch with login and instructions for use.


Fill in the form below to register for a loginID today.

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