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Vehicle Specification Data

We can take the hassle out of sourcing fresh vehicle specification data yourself

Vehicle Specification Data

Fresh Vehicle Data

A real alternative to CAP...

XL can take the hassle out of sourcing fresh vehicle specification data yourself. We can deliver quickly, efficiently and with confidence, and we can provide you with the right information at your fingertips, at a price that makes sense.

Our vehicle specification data is updated daily and collected into data set formats that suits your businesses needs. Our service provides comprehensive data for over 20,000 cars and LCVS concerning......


Manufacturer's list prices. Prices cover both the vehicle in question and all factory fitted options available for each spec c model. Manufacturer coding for these options is also included in the detail when available from the manufacturer.

Colour and trim


Paint options and their associated valid trim options are provided including the manufacturer code where this is available.

Service and maintenance


Collated via the SMR module, information for service, maintenance and repair costs including tyres and MOT, for cars and LCVs, is provided in a range of terms and mileages.

Technical data:

A wide selection of data is grouped under the heading of technical data covering additional information about the vehicle: performance, dimensions, weight, towing capacity for cars as well as total permitted weight for commercial vehicles.

Vehicle data:

Items available cover vehicle make and model description, model year, (including part model years) and date of introduction. For each model the relevant transmission is captured, along with the co2 rating and its associated road fund license band.

Vehicle images:

A feature which provides optional images of the vehicles, at model level, is available to enable quick recognition of the vehicle being accessed or quoted upon. View current and historical images of all vehicles.

Other data:

Each vehicle has its insurance group; whether it complies with European legislation regarding vehicle emissions, recommended servicing intervals and manufacturer's warranty provision are all included.


Acceleration, maximum speed, BHP figures, torque at the relevant engine speed

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