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UK Fleet Data

Over 300,000 Fleet Contacts



Having worked in the Data Broker market and been a data owner for over 14 years we are one of the most knowledgable in the business. We provide both end users and resellers with fully compliant FLEET data lists and a full toolbox of data cleansing solutions, tailored to your business requirements.


 Daily news digest to the Fleet Industry. This means our subscribers can opt in and out of sharing their information easily and you have the comfort of knowing its not just any old list of contacts.


XL have a dedicated UK based team that do nothing but make sure the data is up to date. There are over 10 data points for every Fleet contact in our Fleet Data Universe. This gives you more information on each one if you need it, along with other company decision maker contacts.


Lets face it people change jobs all the time, which means we have to update our database all the time. We roughly cleanse around 300 records a day.  This means our database is as Fresh as possible for your use. Talk to us now for a free sample.


Supplying clean and accurate fleet data on fleet decision makers along with important details such as their location and fleet size is something XL have become famous for over the years.

Providing this information as part of targeted marketing campaigns has given companies in many industry sectors a real boost and tangible results.


Want a Fleet Data list .....



That's right!! We are working on fresh records and cleansing older ones right now. We average 300 a day new and 300 refreshed/updated daily. 
Before you purchase anything from anyone else, find out HOW they have the data and HOW they keep it clean. In these days of GDPR there are very few who can say they hold the data legitimately.
New Fleets
in our Centre Today
Talk to us today to find out how we can help you with your Data or Research requirements. Alternatively you can register to use our free Fleet Analysis tool VISION by following the link below. Being involved with Fleet Data for so long lets us know what you need. For more information on what we can supply click on the buttons below.


Our Data is GDPR compliant! Before this new regulation came into force, we have spent over 12 months meticulously working through our data, making sure that we have the right level of opt-in and the details to assure you of compliance. Talk to our Sales Team to discuss in more details and request our Data GDPR document for further clarity.

Awesome Data, Great People and Service with a Smile !!!

Call the Data Sales Team on 01772 585111 now for a free sample.

Lead Generation, Telemarketing, Outsourcing Experts in North West of England

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