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Good Call Centre Direct marketing needs good targeted data to be efficient and successful. 

We can make your current data work harder for you and even source new prospect data.

Our data experts have many years in the industry and understand how to get the best out of whats available for you.


Your Engagement strategy is based on the service you require. We specialise in Lead Generation, Survey Completion and Appointment Setting.


Our Intelligent Dialing systems mean we can achieve a more effective and efficient dialing day than a standard caller. 



Being a technology driven company we have a numebr of exciting ways to deliver the results to you. From our Vision OLAP Portal to a standard daily/weekly/monthly reporting.

Imagine your leads delivered right to your inbox with call recording and annotated details included. 

That's all possible with our service.


Need a Custom Lead Generation Solution.....




Hot and Warm leads sent to you on a daily basis. Active prospecting and good data make our lead generation affordable and reliable.


Every single call will lead to a better piece of data cleansed and returned to you. We build the best marketing databases helping you now and into the future.


Appointment Setting is a skill that our agents have in abundance. We not only set quality appointments but they all come with a quality guarantee.


Every single call will lead to a better piece of data returned to you. We build the best marketing databases helping you now and into the


Need a Custom Lead Generation Solution.....


Generating viable and qualified sales leads is perhaps the most important link in your "sales and marketing" lead funnel.


Lead Generation can be  calling up existing leads from the internet or even cold calling.


Which ever direction you need to take we can provide a bolt on solution to help generate you REAL BUSINESS.

XL Marketing focus on providing hot leads. Those opportunities that are in the market for your services now. We ensure your campaign reaches the right audience, not just the largest. Lead generation is also about building a pipeline of opportunities for the future – so timely opportunities are delivered to you now – but there is also a bank of opportunities being built for the future. 

Through this service, XL can collect effective email addresses and pertinent information which will also allow you to send marketing information and attract inbound enquiries.

Taking the task of lead generation outside of your own company can help your sales team get back to selling, whilst XL can deliver viable leads using our telemarketing expertise.

Contact us today if you want to get in contact with your qualified sales prospects and start collecting quality leads for your businesses’ future.

Lead Generation, Telemarketing, Outsourcing Experts in North West of England


Building your Call Centre Campaign
for Lead Generation Success 

We believe in giving our clients Quality over Quantity while representing your brand in the most professional manner.
Our skilled team will enable us to generate business opportunities for your products and services over the phone with GDPR opted-in data. We can then work on moving these opportunities into a busy pipeline of qualified leads, appointments, web demos or event registrations. 

Ready to fill your Sales Pipeline?

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