Web Development in the next Dimension at XL

Design on the web is continuously evolving. From boxy, grey buttons to parallax scrolling, there are many various trends that have come and gone, frequently leaving their greatest features to inspire the following new design movements.

In the web’s very recent history, VR websites have started to gain traction on the internet. As a result, more of them are being sought after by businesses to try to engage costumers more when they visit their websites.

New developments in web designing programs have made it possible for designers and developers to build seamless and immersive experiences in browsers for the user. These developments have led to higher click through rates and a greater overall user experience.

While these developments might appear pretty unremarkable to the average person, they represent the core, foundational work that will enable the creation of completely unique, compelling online experiences. This shall lead to customers staying on websites for a longer period of time which will increase their chance of them potentially becoming interested in a product and potentially making a sale.

Here at XL Marketing we specialise in not only beautiful and functional websites but we make sure that even in VR your website is perfect and futureproofed.

Talk to us today on taking your website to the next dimension.

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