32% of Consumers Cut Ties With Brands After One Bad CX

Akixi has published a whitepaper on the importance of the customer journey, after a staggering 32% of consumers said they would stop doing business with a company after just one bad experience.

Customer Journey Mapping: The Route to Better CX also states that customer journey mapping is the key to not only improving customer experience but determining where you need to train your employees and which metrics you need to track too.

And with a third of customers admitted they would stop doing business with a brand they loved after one bad experience, the importance of delivering consistent excellent customer experience should not be underestimated.

The report says: “Crucially, customer journeys aren’t always linear. A customer might recognise an issue, arrange a call, then go back to researching solutions online. Because of this, customer journey maps need to include tips for sales, service, and marketing teams which could reduce the friction between different points in the conversation.”

Customer journey mapping becoming such a vital part of the business process because customers expect more from businesses in this day and age, and particularly so post-COVID.

The whitepaper adds that today’s customers expect agents and business leaders to have digital tools available to monitor remote workers and enhance business productivity.

“They know companies can update their software to connect with them on multiple channels, and they expect businesses to be constantly striving to update and improve the experience you offer.”

In short, today’s customers are far more demanding than the ones of the past.

The whitepaper highlights the importance of good customer journey mapping:

  • See every touchpoint your company has with customers, and where they need to improve: For instance, if you notice that it’s taking several days to onboard each customer, you can look for ways to streamline the process with self-service tools and AI bots

  • Track the right metrics that matter most to your team: Real-time dashboards give your hybrid employees an insight into the metrics they need to be aware of, like time spent on a call or number of calls answered. A customer journey shows you which KPIs are really going to have an impact on your bottom line

  • Get deeper insights into your customer personas: A customer journey map can differ from one customer segment to another. Deeper insight into your audience will make it easier to determine how your customers differ, so you can provide more personalised experiences

  • Improve employee training: Customer journey maps show you where you’re missing out on opportunities to delight and retain customers. This information, combined with compliant call recording and in-depth metrics can show you how to enhance and empower your team with the correct training

  • Outshine the competition: When you know your customers and what they need, you can align every part of your service process to suit those customers. Now that customers are searching for personalised, relevant experiences more than ever, a customer journey map could be the key to beating the competition

Akixi’s whitepaper can be found here.

Source: cxtoday

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